Life @ DBIT


“VISMAY”, an Inter-College Cultural Festival is the most colourful event conducted every year during April – May. It is a larger than life celebration of various talents and helps in breaking the academic monotony. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity for the students to experience the little and big things of student life such as devising/promoting innovative events, working in teams, organisational /leadership skills. Vismay enhances the sense of belongingness and camaraderie among the students and faculty of DBIT. It encourages healthy competition among the students' community of participating institutions.


“Kannada Rajyotsava” is the most awaited State Festival conducted the 1st of November every year to celebrate the State Formation Day. On this day in 1956, all the Kannada speaking areas of our country were merged and designated as one of the States of India. The state was known by the name Mysore, which was changed to Karnataka on 1st November 1973. It is a day to pay tribute to the state of Karnataka, celebrate its progress and pledge to work for its continued development. All the students and Staff of DBIT - with the non-Kannada speaking members eagerly participating - proudly take part in the celebration under the name “KANNADOTHSAVA”. Eminent personalities who have contributed to the culture of the state are Honoured and several Cultural events are conducted.

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