Education Automation Software is the State-of-the-Art automation feature of DBIT designed to improve the way the academics and administration are managed. It is a major step towards the goal of paperless functioning of the institute. It is an interactive platform for all stake holders - most importantly Students, Parents, Teachers, Heads of Departments and the Principal. EAS networks all the departments and integrates the various processes of the college by consolidating respective information on a central server thereby facilitating quick information sharing/retrieval. The streamlined and organized data is a great boon to the Key Functionaries/Management to monitor the efficiency of operations on the campus and initiate prompt measures for overall improvement.

Features of EAS

  • Connects all Stakeholders - Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff Members, HODs, Principal, All Processes related to Evaluation, University Examinations, Fee Collection etc

  • All the transactions are Strongly Encrypted, ensuring Confidentiality And Security of the Database

  • SMS Alert Facility for Attendance, Evaluation, University Examinations, Fee Collection, Transport etc

  • Accessible on Multiple Platforms such as Web, E-mail and Mobile gateways in Real-time.

  • Central Secure Database Structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information.

  • Hassle-Free and Easy Maintenance.

Benefits for Students:

  • Direct Interaction with Faculty Members/HODs

  • Accurate Attendance status in Real-time, Modifications in Time-table Schedules

  • Online Submissions of Assignments etc

  • Increase work efficiency and drive processes

  • Quick Information about Marks scored, Upcoming Evaluation Tasks, Submission Timelines

  • Periodic Mock Tests

  • Surreptitious Representations to Key Functionaries/Management

Benefits for the Faculty/Staff:

  • One-to-one Interaction with Students/Mentees

  • Posting of Lesson Plan, Question Bank, Attendance, Alternate arrangements

  • Announcement of Internal Assessment Exercises, Marks Awarded

  • Real-time student information - attendance, participation/performance in IA activities etc

  • Efficiency in the dissemination of Data about all Teaching-Learning processes

  • Convenient Options for Mentoring Process

  • Quick access to Parents

Benefits for Parents/Guardians:

  • Real-time SMS/E-mail Alerts of Attendance/IA Events/VTU Exam

  • Periodic updates about Attendance/Academic Performance of their children/wards

  • Online access to IA Marks/Exam Grades

  • Convenient options for electronic payment of any fee due to college

  • Direct access to Faculty Members/Class Teachers/Mentors/HODs/Principal

  • Furtive Access to interact with Key Functionaries/Management

General Benefits:

  • Efficient Education Process Management due to Computerization

  • Faster Turnaround Time (TAT) for Results Processing - 94% reduction

  • Intelligent Data Capture resulting in the decreased necessity of corrections

  • Greener operations - Considerable Reduction in Paper-use

  • Reduced Operation Costs

  • Transparency/Enhanced Fraud and Abuse Controls – confirmed by Audit Trails