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The Department of Chemistry is actively engaged in multi – faceted research and consulting activities with high relevance to industry andsociety. The research activities at the Department are supported by sponsored research projects and state-of-the-art research facilities that exist at the Department and Institute levels. The department is visited by experts, scientists, and industrialists. The faculty members of the department have published more than 50 Research Papers in International and National journals of repute and are actively involved in the research activities. The department has established a Biodiesel Production Unit in 2018. Also we have initiated the development of a Simarouba Park for the utilization of oil yielding trees.


Transition metal ions as catalysts, in many synthetic and redox reactions, have become imperative in the last few decades. Research into catalysis is a major field in applied chemistry, environmental, and medicinal sciences. Homogeneous catalysis is one of the most interesting fields of chemistry, especially for its mechanisms and kinetics. It provides an admirable opportunity for the study of molecular causes of reactivity, and the causes of reactions. The process is of immense practical importance as it leads to a better understanding of reactions involving metal ions with prospective Industrial Applications.

Nano Metal Oxides for Photocatalysis

Synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles is a remarkable significant field of material science due to its unique magnetic, electronic, bio-sensing, catalytic and biological applications. To tackle issues like Atmospheric Contamination, Water Pollution and Power Crisis, photocatalysis has gained an ever-increasing attention and progressively become an area of significant research . Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Development has been a successful approach to enhance the absorption of light through range of wavelengths and to discourage the recombination of charge-carriers.

Reaction Kinetics

Chemical kinetics is a branch of chemistry that deals with the study of the rate of chemical reactions and the mechanism by which they occur. The rate laws are of practical importance since they provide concise expressions for the course of the reaction and can be applied in calculating reaction times, yields, and optimum conditions. The application of reaction kinetics in organic chemistry is the most important step in the investigation of reaction mechanisms and the most prospective field of application is Pharmaceuticals .

Corrosion Characterization of MMC

Metal Matrix Composites are an important class of materials, which contain metal or alloy as matrix and a ceramic particulate or fibre or whiskers as reinforcements. Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composites exhibit enhanced corrosion resistance, reduced wear and advantageous mechanical properties.They are used for applications in Aerospace, Power Utility, Automotive, and the Armed Forces.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation Teaching Experience Research Experience Industrial Experience Total Experience
1 Dr. J. P. Shubha Professor 12 16 - 16
2 Dr. Manjunatha A. S. Associate Professor &HOD 6.5 9 - 9
Sl. No Name of Faculty Status Research Centre and University
1 Ms. N. V. Sushma Thesis Writing in Progress DBIT, Bengaluru -Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
2 Mr. J. Jessurajan Course Work Completed DBIT, Bengaluru-VTU
3 Ms. K. Krishnaveni Comprehensive Viva Voce Conducted T. John Institute of Technology, Bengaluru-VTU

Placement at DBIT

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