Department of Master of Business Administration

The Department of Management Studies was established in the year 2004 with the intake of 60 and recognised as research centre in the year 2012 . Department offering core and dual specialization as per the VTU curriculum from the year 2016. Since then it has been built on its base of highly accomplished faculty and motivated students to emerge as one of the premier institutes for management education and research promoting managerial excellence. A feature that sets us apart from other B-schools is the carefully selected mix of students with diversity as a stated objective so that students can leverage from each other’s experience in addition to theoretical studies in the classroom, thereby creating a truly enriching learning experience.

As the global business scenario gets increasingly complex and dynamic, the Department prepares students to manage and lead in such dynamic business situations by providing a diverse and challenging environment where the students can learn and grow and finally walk out with full preparedness to lead and inspire.

We at Don Bosco believe that the quality of education in respect of Management studies (MBA) provides great exposure, a tremendous learning platform, and a solid foundation for upcoming skilled managers, who could independently perform more arduous management tasks in the most enterprising manner.

Today, we stand as one among the Top B Schools in Bengaluru.

Our commitment to providing outstanding education is reflected in the exceptional feedback from our students and graduates.

The Department of Management Studies and Research at Don Bosco Institute of Technology offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) as per the curriculum prescribed by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi and the programme is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.

  • Developing World class Business Leaders who could forsee the crux of uncertainities in the futuristic scenario.

  • To train graduates and faculty members with advanced tootls and activities to enhance the understanding and practice of management.

    To achieve excellence in academics, and collaborative domains by tie-ups with industry and professional bodies.

    To develop the leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large.

  • PEO1: To impart the Skills required to perform in a team or head a team in Multidisciplinary Corporate Environment.

  • PEO2: To equip students with Broad-Based Managerial Knowledge to comprehend, analyze, design, and create innovative business solutions and practices for customer relationship management and to address Real-Time Issues.

  • PEO3: To groom students suitable for the corporate world in the Management Domain in the context of Global Environment by imparting training in Life Skills and Value-Based Practices.

  • PEO4: To provide students with the basics of Management Principles and Business Administration to succeed in the Managerial Profession by offering viable financial solutions and strategies.

  • PEO4: To inculcate Professional and Ethical Attitudes in students to uphold the Spiritual and Cultural values.

  • PO1: Managerial knowledge: Ability to apply knowledge of Managerial Fundamentals.

  • PO2: Business Analytics: Knowledge to design, analyze, and execute business strategies, with the data interpretation.

  • PO3: Business Acumen: Knowledge of skills to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as political, economic, social, technological, ethical, environmental, legal by maintaining health and safety of employees, enhancing productivity and sustainability.

  • PO4: Cross Domains Knowledge and Teamwork: Capability to function and support with multidisciplinary teams.

  • PO5: Social Responsibilities: Ability to identify, formulate, and solve social problems

  • PO6: Professionalism: Execution of professional and ethical responsibility

  • PO7: Communication Skills and Networking: Ability to communicate effectively

  • PO8: Global Perspective: Capability to interpret the impact of innovative solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.

  • PO9: Adaptability and Flexibility: Awareness to recognize the need for, ability to engage in life-long learning

  • PO10: Current and Updated: To acquire the skill set to recognize and keep abreast of the contemporary issues.

  • PO11: Strategic Orientation: Knowledge to develop Professional Techniques, Skills, and Contemporary Managerial Strategies imperative for best business practices.

  • PO12: Integrity: Competency to organize effective development programmes for corporate and contribute to nation-building.

  • PSO1: Identify, Investigate, Analyze, Formulate, and Design appropriate Management Principles and Practices for the various domains.

  • PSO2: Demonstrate the skills of Management Principles for Best Business Practices which are profitable, viable, and sustainable.

  • PSO3: Demonstrate the ability to effectively work in a team, Communicate Effectively with an Ethically Responsible Attitude towards Society and Environment.

  • PSO4: Successfully adapt in Multi-disciplinary Work-place Environment and update Knowledge by engaging in Life-Long Learning.

  • To obtain consistent results in academics

  • To increase MOUs to facilitate training, internship, and placements

  • To establish a cell for providing entrepreneurship training.

  • To offer training and continuing education programmes

  • To establish knowledge centres.

  • To have an all-doctorate team of faculty members.

  • To publish research papers in Scopus Indexed Journals.

  • To submit proposals for funded projects in R & D activities.

  • To strive for acquiring Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Well-ventilated class and tutorial rooms equipped with multimedia projectors

  • Laboratories with advanced equipment and sophisticated software

  • Departmental library

  • Internet Facility

  • Innovative video lecture delivery facility

  • Interactive sessions with industry representatives

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme Centre

  • On-campus conduction of Add-on Courses

  • Tie-Ups and MoUs for Internship/Projects

I Semester II Semester
Sl. No. Course Code Course Name Sl. No. Course Code Course Name
1 20MBA11 Management & Organizational Behavior 1 20MBA21 Human Resource Management
2 20MBA12 Managerial Economics 2 20MBA22 Financial Management
3 20MBA13 Accounting for Managers 3 20MBA23 Research Methodology
4 20MBA14 Business Statistics 4 20MBA24 Operations Research
5 20MBA15 Marketing Management 5 20MBA25 Strategic Management
6 20MBA16 Managerial Communications 6 20MBA26 Entrepreneurship & Legal Aspects
III Semester (Core Specialization)
Sl. No Marketing Finance Human Resource
Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name
1 18MBAMM301 Consumer Behavior 18MBAFM301 Banking and Financial Services 18MBAHR301 Recruitment and Selection
2 18MBAMM302 Retail Management 18MBAFM302 Investment Management 18MBAHR302 HR Analytics
3 18MBAMM303 Services Marketing 18MBAFM303 Direct Taxation 18MBAHR303 Compensation and Reward System
4 18MBAMM304 Marketing Research and Analytics 18MBAFM304 Advanced Financial Management 18MBAHR304 Learning and Development
5 18MBAMM305 Business Marketing 18MBAFM305 Cost Management 18MBAHR305 Industrial Relations and Legislations
6 18MBAMM306 Supply Chain Management 18MBAFM306 Project Appraisal Planning and Control 18MBAHR306 Conflict and Negotiation Management
7 18MBAOS307 Organization Study 18MBAOS307 Organization Study 18MBAOS307 Organization Study
III Semester (Dual Specialization)
Sl. No Marketing and Finance Finance and HR HR and Marketing
Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name
1 20MBA301 Emerging Exponential Technologies 20MBA301 Emerging Exponential Technologies 20MBA301 Emerging Exponential Technologies
2 20MBA302 Technology & Operational Strategy 20MBA302 Technology & Operational Strategy 20MBA302 Technology & Operational Strategy
3 20MBAMM303 Technology & Operational Strategy 20MBAFM303 Investment Management 20MBAHR303 Recruitment & Selection
4 20MBAMM304 Marketing Research & Analytics 20MBAFM304 Direct Taxation 20MBAHR304 Human Resource Analytics
5 20MBAMM305 Consumer Behaviour 20MBAFM305 Banking and Financial Services 20MBAHR305 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
6 20MBAMM306 Retail Management 20MBAFM306 Advanced Financial Management 20MBAHR306 Compensation & Reward System
7 20MBAOS307 Organization Study
IV Semester (Core Specialization)
Sl. No Marketing Finance Human Resource
Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name
1 20MBAMM401 B2B Marketing Management 20MBAFM401 Risk Management and Insurance 20MBAHR401 Organizational Leadership
2 20MBAMM402 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 20MBAFM402 Financial Derivatives 20MBAHR402 Personal Growth & Interpersonal Effectiveness
3 20MBAMM403 Digital Marketing Management 20MBAFM403 Indirect Taxation 20MBAHR403 International Human Resource Management
4 20MBAMM404 Strategic Brand Management 20MBAFM404 Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring 20MBAHR404 Organization Change and Development
54 20MBAMM405 Agri Business Marketing 20MBAFM405 Corporate Valuation 20MBAHR405 Human Recourse Audit
6 20MBAMM406 International Marketing Management 20MBAFM406 International Financial Management 20MBAHR406 Management Consulting for Business Excellence
7 20MBAPR407 Project Work
IV Semester (Dual Specialization)
Sl. No Marketing and Finance Finance and HR HR and Marketing
Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name Course Code Course Name
1 18MBAMM401 Sales Management 18MBAFM401 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring 18MBAHR401 Public Relations
2 18MBAMM402 Integrated Marketing Communication 18MBAFM402 Risk Management and Insurance 18MBAHR402 Organizational Leadership
3 18MBAMM403 Digital and Social Media Marketing 18MBAFM403 Indirect Taxation 18MBAHR403 International Human Resource Management
4 18MBAFM401 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring 18MBAHR401 Public Relations 18MBAMM401 Sales Management
5 18MBAFM402 Risk Management and Insurance 18MBAHR402 Organizational Leadership 18MBAMM402 Integrated Marketing Communication
6 18MBAFM403 Indirect Taxation 18MBAHR403 International Human Resource Management 18MBAMM403 Digital and Social Media Marketing
7 18MBAPR407 Project Work 18MBAPR407 Project Work 18MBAPR407 Project Work

One of the best qualifications that helps in progressive career growth, with varied opportunities in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and many more. Also, MBA graduates, with reasonable years of experience, should be Job Providers rather than Job Seekers.

MBA has various Job opportunities in the corporate world such as Business Analyst, Financial Executive, Analyst – Investor Accounting, Trainee Engineer, HR Associate, Team Leader in Operation Logistics, Associate Consultant, Team Leader, Sales Management, Finance Analyst, HR Executive, HR Generalist, Payroll HR, Campus Recruiter, Customer Support, Digital Marketing, ERP Function Consultant, IT Recruiter Associate, Tax Analyst, Accountant, Relationship Manager, Unit Manager, Marketing Executive, Sales Officer, Recruitment Coordinator, Credit Manager, US/UK/Domestic Recruiter, Process Executive, Royal Executive, AML Specialist, Banking Operation and Programme Executive.

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university

  • Minimum percentage required in bachelor's degree is 50%.

  • A valid score in any of the management entrance exams such as PGCET/KMAT/CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT/ MAT/ ATMA/ NMAT is a plus etc.,


Class teacher

E-mail ID

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  Ms. Saritha L.



 Mr. Shyam Sundar S.A.