The department has well-ventilated and aesthetically furnished classrooms to suit the required ambiance for a B-School. The classrooms are equipped with mounted LCDs and Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, the MBA department has its exclusive library, seminar hall, and a full-fledge MIS lab. All faculty members have well-ventilated cabins.

Department Library

The library is equipped with more than two hundred and fifty books which include prescribed textbooks, reference textbooks, journals, general studies materials, novels, and student project reports samples, for quick reference for both students and staff.

Laboratories with UPS support

MBA department is well equipped with a full-fledged MIS Lab with 30 systems with 24hrs internet connection. MIS is also known as Preferred Information Processing System, Information and Decision System, Organizational Information System, or simply Information System which is an integrated, user-machine system for providing information to operations, management, and decision-making functions in an organization. For example, the Lab enables users to find information related to the usage of Excel in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. MIS Lab also offers helps to train students on Microsoft Excel and Expert Certification by providing tutorials and sample problems aimed to assist in their analyzing tasks.



  • Internet facility for browsing management journals

  • Sponsorship from various Organization for Projects.

  • Outbound training programs

  • Life skill training programs

  • Sponsorship to all research activity

  • Internet facility along with Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Transportation facility

  • Hard Copies of Journals

  • Exclusive PC for each faculty.