Research Areas - MBA

The Department of Management Studies and Research promotes the active involvement of faculty and students in Managerial Collaborative Programmes at national and international levels in various Forums, Conferences, and Summits. These Programmes aim at the exchange of knowledge among students and faculty in terms of research or project works. The department also offers short/ long term training to students on the latest Management Policies and Practices and encourages publication of research articles and provides teaching materials for E-Learning. The centre works to provide solutions for various problems in the field of Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategies, HR Practices, and Financial Management, etc. The department is actively engaged in research in the following areas.


Marketing research is required continuously for any business. Market research plays a vital role in securing the information about the latest trend and gain a competitive advantage, to reach the target audience and achieve the sales goals. Market research can provide prospective solutions to many challenges that arise in a Business organization. Market research has huge potential to understand the present market share, needs of existing customers and, identify new areas for expansion/potential customers.


Financial research is necessary for any business organization to be aware of its financial worth by investigating its financial statement and other public documents. It enables the Organisation to manage portfolios and funds and estimate the risk of investment. All companies need to be financially stable and have financial resources to expand the business. Research in this area is of prime importance.

Human Resource

The employees are the most important asset of any organization. Suitable measures should be taken to reduce attrition and increase retention. HR research is, “the task of searching for, and analyzing of facts to the end that personnel resentment can be resolved or principles and laws governing their solutions derived.” The research in HR provides an understanding of what does work, what does not work, what needs change, nature, and extent of changes.


The economy of a country is dependent on various unpredictable factors that were predominantly restricted to its populations, climate, demography, education, infrastructure, policies, and many other factors. However, in the present context, it is very extremely vulnerable to global events. Economics deals with the optimal distribution of resources in a society or an organization. Due to the numerous areas that affect the economy, and research in this field would be the most challenging. It can provide probable answers to address many issues such as market fluctuations, macro-economy, risk of recession, etc.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation Teaching Experience Research Experience Industrial Experience Total Experience
1 Dr. Buvaneswari P Professor 15 07 - 15
Sl. No Name of Faculty Status Research Centre and University
1 Mr. Shyam Sundar S. A. Course Work Completed NMIT, Bengaluru - VTU
2 Mrs. Usha G Pursuing Course Work BIMS, Mysore-UoM

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