Research Areas

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is actively involved in both theoretical and applied research in various areas of present and future relevance. They include multifaceted fields such as AI, Theory and Algorithms, Software and Hardware Systems, and interdisciplinary programmes.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Research issues in the Wireless Sensor Network area focus on sensors that can be deployed to monitor physical and environmental conditions like temperature, sound, and passing of data through the network. To research on any application, one must know the challenges that influence the design and protocol to be chosen. WSN is still a new research field as many open research issues are being worked on. Few applications concentrate on societal needs like home automation, habitat monitoring, patient monitoring, fire detection, agriculture, and object tracking many more.

Image Processing

In an image processing operation, the input given is an image and its output is an enriched high-quality image as per the requirement and methods used. Digital Image Processing is potentially an exciting field as it gives improved pictorial information for human clarification and processing of image data for storage, transmission, and representation for machine view. Image Processing is a technique to increase raw images expected from cameras/sensors placed on satellites, space probes, and aircraft or pictures taken in normal life for several applications. This field of Image Processing has been continuously improving in recent times with advancements in science and technology. The image processing deals with image acquisition, image enhancement, image segmentation, feature extraction, and image classification. The importance of image processing and its applications have been enhancing with the computer revolution.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is the process of examining data sets to conclude the information they contain, with the aid of specialized techniques and tools. Data Analytics techniques are widely used in various commercial and industrial applications to enable business vendors to make more informed decisions. Scientists and researchers can verify and accept/disapprove hypotheses, theories, and scientific models.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation Teaching Experience Research Experience Industrial Experience Total Experience
1 Dr. Ashok Kumar P. S. Professor 18 8 7 21
2 Dr. Thippeswamy G. R. Professor 21 3 2 23
3 Dr. Venugeetha Y. Professor 20 6 - 20
4 Dr. Manjunath Swamy B. E. Associate Professor 13 5 - 13
SI. No Name of Faculty Status Research Center
1 Mr. Amol Subhash Dange Registered DBIT, Bengaluru-VTU
2 Mr. Sreedhar Burada Registered DBIT, Bengaluru-VTU
3 Mr. B Sangamithra Registered DBIT, Bengaluru-VTU
4 Ms. Asha K. H. Course work Completed DBIT, Bengaluru-VTU
5 Mr. Manjunath T. K. Comprehensive Viva Conducted DBIT, Bengaluru-VTU
SI. No Name of Faculty Status Research Center
1 Mr. Naveen N. Registered RVCE, Bengaluru-VTU
2 Ms. Yashaswini B. M. Registered RVCE, Bengaluru-VTU
3 Ms. Vinaka Deepak Halbhavi Registered RVCE, Bengaluru-VTU
4 Ms. Sumathi M. Registered RVCE, Bengaluru-VTU
5 Ms. Shilpa S. G. Registered GSSSIT, Mysuru-VTU
6 Ms. Rohini B. R. Course Work Completed BMSIT, Bengaluru-VTU
7 Ms. Shruthi G. Course Work Completed SIT, Tumakuru-VTU
8 Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Course Work Completed VTURRC, Belagavi-VTU
9 Ms. Kusuma T. Comprehensive Viva Conducted GAT, Bengaluru-VTU
10 Mr. Santhosh Kumar G. Completed Comprehensive Viva AMCEC, Bengaluru-VTU

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