The Internship Program is an opportunity offered by various leading IT firms such as X-Ciencia. Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Vtricks technologies, AB Stream, Appslucent Software Pvt. Ltd., Verzeo, Robert Bosch, HAL, and BSNL to work in their real-time projects for a fixed duration. Interns are usually UG students.

The internship was carried out on the latest trends in the IT Industry like Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Android Development, Enterprise Technology, and Data Center Architecture, and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Development. A total of 175 students have benefited from the internship that they have undergone during the Annual year 2019-20.

Internship benefits to students:

  • ► An opportunity to get hired by the Industry/ organization.
  • ► Practical experience in an organizational setting.
  • ► Excellent opportunity to see how the theoretical aspects learned in classes are integrated into the practical world.
  • ► On-floor experience provides much more professional experience which is often worth more than classroom teaching.
  • ► Helps them decide if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue.
  • ► Opportunity to learn new skills and supplement knowledge.
  • ► Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills.
  • ► Opportunity to learn strategies like time management, multi-tasking etc in an industrial setup.
  • ► Opportunity to meet new people and learn networking skills.
  • ► Makes a valuable addition to their resume.
  • ► Enhances their candidacy for higher education.
  • ► Creating network and social circle and developing relationships with industry people.
  • ► Provides opportunity to evaluate the organization before committing to a full time position.