Research Initiatives

The department is working in the direction of strengthening research activities by adopting the requisite strategies.

Motivating measures to the students and faculty members for innovative projects

Networking with the reputed institutions and researchers

Applying for grants from various funding agencies

Future Skills

In today’s highly competitive world, civil engineers who possess the proper training, education, and experience often find that they have multiple career opportunities and options available. The skills that would be of prime importance in the future are:

Competence in the application of the latest software for various domains

Adaption to various kinds of challenging/harsh environments construction sites

Requisite knowledge of the effect of Codal, Legal, Zonal Regulations and Byelaws specific to the projects

Use of state-of-art IT tools

Future Domains

Today, Civil Engineering is not just related to constructing roads, buildings, and bridges. Due to the advancement in technology and industry-demand, this branch is subject to further classifications. Some of the notable niches are:

Smart Materials

Computational Design Methods

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Construction Techniques using 3D printing

Industry Connect

The department emphasizes the importance of industry-institute interaction for the students to give exposure of the outside world and enrich their knowledge. Industry Connect is an important activity during which students work closely with the industry representatives and have opportunities to gain practical knowledge about the various courses they would have undergone during the programme.