Department has sufficient classrooms and most of them are equipped with multimedia projectors. Department also has its exclusive Seminar Hall and several tutorial rooms. The department has eight well-equipped laboratories and each lab is equipped with computers, required software, hardware, instruments, and multimedia projectors.

Hands-on experience is provided to the students in all the areas of their curriculum such as Basic Materials Testing Lab, CADD Lab, Soil Mechanics Lab, Hydraulics and Fluid Machinery Lab, Strength of Materials Lab, Concrete and Highway Materials Lab, Survey Lab and Environmental Engineering Lab that have been provided with the modern and latest equipment.

Department Library

The departmental library is available for providing quick access to faculty and students for referring text books, journals, digital resources like e-books, video lectures of NPTEL, and EDUSAT. It is stacked with more than 200 books and various Standards/Codes like IS Codes, IRC Codes, Handbooks.

Laboratories with UPS Support

The experiments conducted in Basic Materials Testing Laboratory are helpful to train the students in the testing of common materials used in construction and to study their behaviour under different types of loading. The results are useful to access their mechanical properties which are used in the design of structural elements.

Engineering geology is of prime importance in civil and mining engineering. All the engineering structures, small or large are constructed either on rocks or soil material. It is essential to study the earth's crust in greater detail to analyse it’s engineering properties. In this lab, students are exposed to the basic geological rocks and minerals, the geological formations, and other allied parameters of relevance to engineering applications. Geology helps in conceiving and planning the locations for dams/tunnels and other civil engineering sub-structures.

Surveying practice provides students with hands-on experience to supplement the instructions received in surveying courses. The surveying practice involves the use of a wide variety of modern surveying equipment, such as Total Stations, GPS-based surveying equipment, digital theodolites, and automatic levels for basic instructional and application purposes.

Surveying practice is aids in preparing maps and obtaining topographic information in both the horizontal and vertical planes for the planning and execution of all engineering projects.

In this lab, students are exposed to the testing of soil to determine its physical, index, and engineering properties. They are guided to conduct the tests as per Bureau of Indian Standard procedures for better understanding and for logically interpreting the results. The results are of prime importance in designing the appropriate type of sub-structures for various engineering projects.

The CAD lab is well-equipped with advanced facilities such as the latest hardware and software, the latest visual aids, and plotting devices. In CAD lab, students are trained on 2D and 3D drafting of civil engineering elements using the current version of Auto CAD software. Also, they are taught the application of Staad Pro, ETABS, and SAP 2000 software in the design of structural elements.

In this lab, students are taught the procedure for testing the ingredients that are used to prepare concrete; the workability of green concrete, and its strength in the hardened state. Besides, they conduct the prescribed tests on road aggregates and bituminous materials used in highway construction. Students are guided to conduct the tests as per standard codal procedures and logically interpret the test results as per IS/IRC codes.

This is a well – equipped laboratory with instruments of flow measurement and major hydraulic machinery. The instruments can be broadly classified as Pipe Flow Instruments, Open Channel Flow Instruments, and Hydraulic Machines. Some of the major equipment are Centrifugal Pump, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Francis Turbine, and Tilting Flume. Students are taught the applications of fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and the operation of hydraulic machines.

This lab deals with the quality analysis of air, water, and wastewater. The testing is conducted by spectrophotometric and titrimetric methods as per the BIS Codes. The laboratory has sophisticated equipment like UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Spectrophotometer, BOD Incubator, COD Digester, and Turbidity Meter for accurate analysis of physical and chemical parameters in water and wastewater.

The laboratory is also equipped with instruments like Personal sampler and handy sampler for indoor and outdoor measurements of particulate and gaseous air pollutants. Students will be trained to conduct the experiments and interpret the results.

Major Equipment and Software Tools

  • Universal Testing Machine with 20-ton capacity (UTM), Tile testing Machine, Fatigue Machine, Hardness Testing Machines (Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers), Impact testing machine (Izod and Charpy) to determine various mechanical properties of materials.

  • Centrifugal pumps, Kaplan, Francis, and Pelton Wheel Turbines.

  • Direct Shear Apparatus, Digital Compression Testing Machine, Digital Consolidation Apparatus, Automatic Compactor.

  • Theodolite, Auto Level, Total Station.

  • Autoclave, Concrete Mixer, Abrasion Testing Machine, Marshall Stability Apparatus, and Ductility Testing Machines.

  • Spectrophotometer, Jar Test Apparatus, Distillation Unit, Flame Photometer

  • Auto Cad 2016, STAAD Pro., ETABS, and CYPE Software


  • Civil Engineering Students' Association.

  • Well-furnished seminar hall.

  • Well Stocked Departmental Library.

  • Smart classrooms equipped with lecture video recording system.

  • Wi-Fi Connentivity

  • Hard copies of Online Journals.

  • Sponsorship for innovative and mini projects.

  • Sponsorship to all research activities including foreign travel for attending workshops or conferences

  • Study / Sabbatical leave for higher studies / industrial training

  • Bank and ATM facility on the campus

  • Bus facilities

  • Research laboratory