Research Initiatives

The Department is working in the direction of strengthening research activities by adopting the requisite strategies.

  • Motivating measures to the students and faculty members for innovative projects.

  • Networking with reputed institutions and researchers.

  • Applying for grants from various funding agencies.

Future Skills

The nature of mathematical skills required from competent citizens is changing. The mathematical minds of the future will need to understand how different economic, social, technological and work-related processes can be mathematically represented or modeled and be competent in the following skills

  • Competence in the Application of the Latest Software in various fields.

  • Adaption to various kinds of Challenging, Real-World Situations.

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Use of state-of-art IT tools

Future Domains

The lines that separate the various branches of Science and Technology are rapidly diminishing. The future Science/Technical Professionals, will find ample opportunities in many domains. A a few of them are:

  • Computational Design Methods

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Super Capacitors.

  • Big Data Analytics

The Electronics & Communication Department encourages active involvement of faculty and students in collaborative programmes, both at the national and international level. These programmes range from exchange of students and faculty in terms of research and project work, development of academic programmes and training of students, exchange of publications, data, teaching materials, ensuring optimum utilization of infrastructure facilities, conservation of lakes and rivers, conducting short/long term courses, launching IT initiatives in the fields of e-Governance, e-education and other ambits of IT applications and related fields.

Industry Connect

Numerous companies in the industry require professionals to provide mathematical solutions to a wide range of challenging applications such as Sampling for Quality Checks, Deciding the Tolerance Levels, Optimizing Production Costs, Compliance Standards SOPs, etc. The department is equipped to offer Consultancy Services to Industry with customized packages.

Placement at DBIT

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