Rules and Regulation

Rules and Regulation

General Rules

  • All kinds of personal belongings except Notebook are supposed to be kept in the property counter at the entrance.

  • Absolute silence is to be maintained inside the library.

  • Using a mobile phone inside the library is strictly prohibited.

  • Books picked up from the stack should be left on the reading table itself. Users should not replace them in their positions on the stack.

  • Underlining, scribbling and tearing of pages or any such act will be viewed seriously.

  • Upon any infringement of the library rules, members shall forfeit privileges of admission and membership of the library.

  • The librarian reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving indecently.

Rules for Lending of Books

  • Borrowing books from the library is restricted to registered members only.

  • All registered members will be issued a Library Identity Card cum Reader's Ticket and it is not transferable.

  • Membership is valid as long as she/he remains on the rolls of the college.

  • All registered students can borrow 5 books at a time for a maximum period of 15 days.

  • A book can be renewed once if there is no reservation for it.

  • The Faculty can borrow 7 books and Technical staff can borrow 2 books at a time for a maximum period of one semester.

  • A fine of Rs.2/- per day will be levied on each overdue book.

  • The loss of Library Identity Card cum Reader’s Ticket should be reported to the Librarian and a duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs.100/-.

Rules for Loss of Books

  • Loss of any book/s borrowed must be reported immediately to the Librarian.

  • The lost book/s should be supplanted with the latest edition with overdue charges if any.

Procurement of Books

  • Suggestions for the procurement of books are welcome from the Students, Faculty and the Heads of the various Departments.

No Due Certificate

  • The Library Identity Card cum Reader's Ticket is required to be surrendered along with any borrowed books for obtaining NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the library.

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