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Department of Chemistry is devoted to teaching and advanced research in Chemistry. The department has distinguished itself as a Centre for innovative and pioneering teaching and research in different fields of Chemistry. It was elevated to the status of VTU Research Centre in 2011 in recognition to its achievements in the area of Kinetics and Catalysis, and received sponsored project under the status of VTU Research Grant. The major research efforts are focused on such areas as catalysis, reaction kinetics, corrosion, polymers and electrochemistry. To ignite the quest for chemistry and its versatile applications in the young minds of future engineers the Department organizes various activities such as guest lectures, quiz and seminars. To kindle the interest and facilitate the upcoming researchers in the fields of material science the department successfully organized two days national seminar on “Recent advances in Material Science” and two days National Conference on “Frontiers and Challenges in Chemistry”. The faculty members in the department are engaged in teaching and have publications in national and international journals.

Don Bosco Institute of Technology - CSE

Our Vision

Don Bosco Bangalore department of Chemistry would like to be a center of research and development by imparting knowledge in the chemistry witj special focus in engineering chemistry.

Our Mission

Don Bosco Bangalore department of Chemistry would like to impart the core knowledge of chemistry in the area of electro chemistry, polymer science, water technology and nano technology.

Departmental Resources

The department has six spacious class room and well equipped lab. The department library has reference books covering all branches of chemistry. The research lab in the chemistry department has all basic facilities to carryout experiments in the field of kinetics and catalysis.

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Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mysore Road, Kumbalagodu, Bangalore - 560074, Karnataka, India.

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